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How to make money quickly(如何快速赚钱)

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[what is business model] is how to make money:

1.  who pays you money - customers; 

2. to customers what benefits - value; 

3. how to let customers pay - marketing;

4. how do you deliver value to the customer - channel; 

5. how do you do the main task; 

6. what do you lack - resources?;

7. who can help you - partner; 

8. how many ways you make money - product line; 

9. you need to spend to earn money - cost structure

[order size, everything depends on profit], if the enterprise abandon big order, choose small order, is it very strange? The double suction tube has an operating principle called "small

customer" principle". Straw is a small profit industry, while the strong big customers are constantly suppressing product profits, making enterprises busy all day long but unprofitable.

Therefore, its chairman said: "regardless of the size of the

order, everything depends on profits. " however, a sound income.

Entrepreneurs should accurately locate customers.

[no matter how much your monthly income, remember into 5] first,

for cost of living; second, to make friends, insist on a year,

your circle of friends will create value for you; third, to

Thanksgiving, every month give parents, love to send a gift;

fourth, to learn every month, buy a good book; fifth, to invest,

develop their own wealth consciousness.

[entrepreneurs have a strong heart] 

1. reservations (dispute loss;

2. (Conservation) to promote the understanding of their own talent) ; 

3. no exaggeration (exaggeration of dubious) ; 

4. (survival) to adapt to the environment; 

5. from each other (seniors supplement at) ;

6. (concise concise and comprehensive and easy to accept) 

7.  never conceited (don' t show off their) ;

8. will not complain (complain of loss of reputation; 

9. don' t lie (Yu Pengyou 

10. vision dishonesty) (poor or rich is temporary)

[@ Xu Zhaojun: the most difficult start-up companies have three,

1]: what time is the steady rhythm? When should I go on? 2, the

sense of direction: when should it change? When should I insist?

3, the skinny: how to build a backbone team? Never give up, never give up.

[ten] to the success of the 

1. ability to solve the problem of

reverse thinking; 

2. consider empathy; 

3. summary ability is

stronger than the others; 

4. ability to write simple documents;

5. information collection ability; ability to develop 

6. solutions to the problem; 

7. super self comfort ability; 

8. position change the capacity of 

9. ; the courage to accept a thing; 

10. actively seek training and practice opportunities.

Why can you be the boss? Jobs himself said: "emotional economy"

will replace the "rational economy", "Empathy" and "let the

customer manufacturing unforgettable experience" and the

consumer is, we have been imitated, but never surpassed. Yes,

and let the consumer move towards you. That' s the point!

Thinking: how can your products and marketing help consumers


[entrepreneurs three eye] 

1, one eye on internal management,

mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff; 

2, second eyes on the

customer needs and market changes, planning innovation


3, third eyes to the macro-control policy in order

to seize the opportunity to state, and advance the development

of. Entrepreneurs eyes, in fact, the most critical thing is to

open your eyes, you can observe thousands of miles away.

Why do customers leave us? Because they don' t get what they want.

And that' s not always the same as the price. 45% of customers

leave because of "service"; 20%, because no one cares about them;

(65% of them don' t do well) ! Rather than the price) 15% left

because they found a cheaper price; 15% left because they found

a better product; 5% leaving was for other reasons

"I also believe that Zhou Hongyi' s 9 year syllogism: 3 years

of groping, 3 years of deep grasp, 3 years of explosive growth.

Wang Ran and Zhang Ying also remind: many of the successful

companies you admire are actually cooked out,

Do not expect super speed, do not fall into the illusion of

success, not to grab the scale of listed companies, even Maori

sacrifice. You go against the basic business rules and end up

tripping over the most basic problems".

There is no secret of success, if any, only two: the first is

to persist, never give up; the second is when you want to give

up, please come back to do the first secret again - Churchill.

[Inamori Kazuo] : entrepreneurship is needed as soon as possible

for many people to success is the reason to consider how we say,

they do not break the common thinking, ". Inamori Kazuo said:

"for a new career, one or two of ten people agree that

achievement can begin; when five people approve, it' s already

a step behind; if seven or eight people approve, it' s too late. "

[1. ] entrepreneurs understand marketing to do marketing must

be familiar with the three disciplines: psychology, behavior

and communication; 2. network marketing is to help consumers

self psychological persuasion, "I thought"; 3. crisis five

elements: the strong time, given the fact, to give the answer

to attitude, service, 4. ; memory is a brand of the most need

to do; 5. of consumers are "I want", you only need to solve her

"I' m afraid", to dispel the concerns, to complete the


If you are not sensitive to the distribution of benefits,

including the interests of shareholders, employees, and so on,

it is very bad. In all incentives, the distribution of benefits

and incentives is the fundamental cohesion of the enterprise.

Never trust the power of culture too much. Successful

entrepreneurs are talking about cultural cohesion, but in fact

they are all masters of balance and distribution. Ma Huateng,

Ma Yun, Liu Chuanzhi and other entrepreneurs are without


[] easy cause of employee turnover 1. company uncertainty, the

company' s overall employee dissatisfaction; 2. enterprise

staff development and more personnel than work available,

limited promotion; 3. advocate dedication and spirit of

obligation, salary income is lower than the market compared to

the same period; 4. intrigues, personal heroism is rampant,

working atmosphere is not good; 5. leadership can not form a

cohesive force, lack of coordination, the boss does not support

the subordinates

[private enterprises bigger and stronger to avoid these three

problems, 1] enterprises without strategy, although the

current, regardless of the future; 2, reluctant to spend, spend

every penny distressed to hang, unable to expand the scale; 3,

do not want to share the wealth, every penny earned in his pocket,

the as a hired staff, by means of exploitation.

There are four potential [founder] when the brother of

domineering when big brother: 1, first give; 2, dare clappers,

even making the wrong; 3, with diversified knowledge, multi

angle, 4 thinkers; risk of damage to the interests of people

dare to play

[CEO] from the staff to teach you from yourself to others: to

tube tube with a team from the manager alone. Others from the

tube to pipe: the core of the consciousness of people. The

Department from the manager to the tube tube: to cross layer

communication. The general manager of the tube Division:

functional departments to form their own profit philosophy from

the general manager of the Department. To Group executives:

assessment of funds and personnel allocation strategy. The

group from executives to CEO: can skillfully handle external


How many kinds of ten kinds of successful ability do you have?

1. solve the problem of reverse thinking ability; 

2. to consider the issue of empathy; 

3. is stronger than others, ability to sum up; 

4. ability to write simple documents; 

5. information collection ability; ability to develop 

6. solutions to the problems; 

7. super self comfort ability; 

8. the capacity of job change; the courage to accept the extra 


10. things; actively seek training and practice opportunities!

We have 10 reasons [] too tired too much, 

1 seats; 

2, the total


3, a shift of thinking; 

4, pretending to be a gentleman' s

house; ; 

5, 6, total simou skirt; circles; 

7, do not put shelf,

tear open face; 

8, 9; take care of the children; 

10, often filled

with sun zi. Let go, there is room to have

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